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100% of our clients used to work with another company.


Results in 6 weeks

Since November, and it’s now early March, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of patients that I receive through the internet. I began seeing results as soon as 6 weeks after I joined with Local Optimism. It is a huge relief to me that I have seen results so quickly.

– Dr. Nina S. Naidu

Dr. Nina S. Naidu - NYC Plastic Surgeon


Booked 4 months out

I’m booked 4 months out with more consult requests coming in daily. Stefano has always maintained an open line of communication. Even on weekends when it’s an emergency.

– Dr. Leonard Roudner a.k.a. “Dr. Lenny®”

Dr. Lenny Roudner Miami Plastic Surgeon


Constant Communication

The other SEO companies I’ve worked with in the past were attentive at the beginning, but then quickly become hard to get in contact with after a few months. Stefano is nothing like that.

-Corie Rae (And Eleanora)

Corie Rae - Owner of Nature's Spa & Wellness


delivered what you promised

You have definitely delivered what you promised. Thanks for doing such a great job. We appreciate your personable approach and willingness to help with any task!

-Dr. Glen Willis

Dr. Glen Willis - Rock Hill Dentist

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      We provide your practice with an all-inclusive digital marketing strategy focused on ethical SEO, Social Media, Review Acquisition, Blogging, Email Marketing and most importantly staying current with the ever-changing algorithms. We will not only drive your practice to the 1st page of Google, but we will help provide the correct representation of the quality and expertise that patients can expect when visiting your office.


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