Dr. Lenny Roudner - Miami Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Leonard A. Roudner a.k.a. “Dr. Lenny®”

Miami, FL – www.drlenny.com
I’m booked 4 months out with more consult requests coming in daily. Stefano has always maintained an open line of communication which has been a top priority for me. Even on weekends when it’s an emergency, just a phone call away. The last 2 years have been some of my most profitable.


Dr. Nina S. Naidu - NYC Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Nina S. Naidu

New York, NY – www.naiduplasticsurgery.com
Since November, and it’s now early March, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of patients that I receive through the internet. I began seeing results as soon as 6 weeks after I joined with Local Optimism. It is a huge relief to me that I have seen results so quickly.

The big difference in working with Local Optimism and any other company I have worked with is how continuous the contact is. I am in contact with Stefano everyday including the weekends.


Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi - Thousand Oaks Facial Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi

Thousand Oaks, CA – www.facesbydrt.com
I would highly recommend Stefano and Local Optimism to my colleagues. I’ve had a chance to recommend him several times now. I think the reason why he is a good fit for most plastic surgeons is that he customizes the marketing strategy for what they need and for the market that they are in.


Dr. Farbod Esmailian - Orange County Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Farbod Esmailian

Orange County, CA – www.fecosmeticsurgery.com
We’ve been working with Local Optimism for 2 years at this point. From the start till now we have seen an improvement every month in our search engine rankings. We haven’t just seen an improvement in our rankings, but we’ve also seen an increase in patient consultations and in our booking rates as well.


Dr. Marwan Khalifeh - Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Marwan R. Khalifeh

Washington, DC – www.dccosmetics.com

You have definitely delivered on what you said. Other companies promised they would, but you have actually done it.


Dr. Chance  Kaplan Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Chance Kaplan

Fort Lauderdale, FL – www.plasticsurgeonfortlauderdale.com

We launched a brand new website and within 60 days it was ranking on the front page of Google for some of our main keywords.


Dr. Glen Willis - Rock Hill Dentist

Dr. Glen Willis

Rock Hill, SC – www.rockhilldentist.com

You have definitely delivered what you promised. Thanks for doing such a great job. We appreciate your personable approach and willingness to help with any task!


Dr. Robert Williams

Dr. Robert Williams

Port Jefferson, NY – www.gentledentalny.com

Thank you for all of your help in advertising us this past few years. Your efforts have truly helped to make our practice successful!


Corie Rae - Owner of Nature's Spa & Wellness

Corie Rae (And Eleanora)

Charlotte, NC – www.natures-spa.com

I’ve worked with Stefano for over 2 years now optimizing our website, maps listing and working to increase our organic rankings on google. The other SEO companies I’ve worked with in the past were attentive at the beginning, but then quickly become hard to get in contact with after a few months. Stefano is nothing like that. He’s extremely professional, prompt, courteous and checks in with progress reports and friendly phone calls consistently.



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