7 Tips to Grow Your Plastic Surgery Account on Instagram

Instagram: One of the Most Popular Social Networks, Worldwide

Today, Instagram ranks as one of the most popular social networks in the world. According to The Statistics Portal, in June 2018, Instagram reached an impressive 1 billion active monthly users, globally. If Instagram’s history reflects what we can expect in the future, its number of users will continue to grow, substantially. As a plastic surgeon, you can take advantage of Instagram’s popularity: Use the seven tips below to create or improve your Instagram marketing campaign – for free.

When used correctly, Instagram can make an excellent marketing platform for any plastic surgeon; however, a successful Instagram marketing campaign requires continually increasing your brand’s following. As your brand’s number of followers increase, you have the potential for connecting with more and more people each time you post.

7 Tips for Creating or Improving Your Instagram Marketing Campaign

Prior to creating an Instagram account for your plastic surgery practice, you are required to have a business account on Facebook, which is where your practice’s Instagram account will link to; therefore, make sure you have your plastic surgeon Facebook account complete before starting your profile on Instagram.

1. Use the Complimentary Tools Instagram Offers

Creating your plastic surgeon profile on Instagram is quick and easy. Once you connect a Facebook page to your Instagram account, relevant information will be imported from Facebook. After reviewing and, if necessary, editing this information, your plastic surgeon profile is complete.

Since the profile you created is for your plastic surgery practice, you will have access to insights (i.e., analytics). These insights provide impression and engagement data; consequently, if you have a personal profile that you are currently using for your practice, you should consider converting it into a business profile so you can access this information. Knowing what your users are interacting with will help you improve your engagement. Thus, allowing you to provide followers with the information they want.

2. Remember to Cross Promote

If you have connected with individuals on other social networks – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – who already adore your brand, makes posts across all your social media profiles, invite these individuals to follow your profile on Instagram. Since these individuals already follow you on other social media sites, they are obviously fans of your practice and the procedures you have to offer: Instagram just gives them another way to stay connected.

Keep in mind that:

  • Asking current followers on one platform to join you on another increases the number of people you are able to reach with a single post; so, be sure to invite all your followers to connect with you on your other social network accounts.
  • Although most people have several social media accounts, many tend to gravitate toward one social network more than they do to the others; for that reason, by sharing posts across all your networks, you are improving the likelihood of connecting with these people.

3. Avoid Overwhelming Your Audience

While you need to post often enough to keep your brand relevant, you do not want to become an annoyance to the point that your followers decide to click the unfollow button. Posting up to three times a day is feasible; however, major brands only post 1.5 times a day.

How to determine post frequency optimization:

  • Initially, post at different times of the day. By alternating times, you can determine when your brand’s followers engage the most.
  • Now that you know the most active time of day, begin experimenting with the number of posts you share and be sure to pay attention to follower engagement.

Once you have determined the time of day and the number of posts your followers are receptive to, you have achieved post frequency optimization. Nonetheless, determining post frequency optimization is a task that will need to be adjusted periodically, as your number of followers increases.

4. Spark Growth Through Interaction

When someone leaves a comment on one of your posts, make sure to reply and offer your thanks. Even this simple, personal engagement can create a loyal client and an enthusiastic promoter.

Find ways to motivate your followers to share your posts. For example, if you sell essential oils that promote relaxation, you could say, “Tag your friends who need a good night’s sleep,” or something to that effect. When these friends receive tags to your profile from someone they trust, many will become followers themselves.

5. Repurpose Content

Sometimes, coming up with relevant content to offer is challenging. When this happens, look for other Instagram accounts that you can repurpose content from.

However, when repurposing content, make sure you give credit to the original source by mentioning him, her or the business name in your caption and then adding a link (i.e., tag) to the source’s profile. For example, the previously mentioned essential oils for relaxation company may repurpose content from a mattress, pillow or comforter company.

6. Create Your Own Interactive Hashtag

Having an interactive hashtag makes instant engagement quick and easy; however, make sure you know the proper way to use hashtags before you begin. Many of the larger brands create hashtags that their customers use when tagging photos of themselves with the item they purchased.

Reasons a hashtag benefits your brand:

  • Each time your hashtag is used for a post, your plastic surgery practice and/or rejuvenation products receive free advertising because all the sharer’s followers see your hashtag.
  • Followers will want to use your hashtag and post images of themselves with your products and after their procedures because they want to be featured on your social network pages.

Consider that the hashtag for the ‘No More Sheep’ campaign being used to promote the essential oils for relaxation and a good night’s sleep may be #nomoresheep.

7. Catch the Eye of Your Followers by Embracing Creativity

Creative, unique images can be more effective at catching the eye of a follower or potential follower than just a string of words can. You can create interesting, one-of-a-kind photos by taking advantage of the free editing options available on Instagram.