Instagram Testing Name-Changing Feature

Instagram Testing Name-Changing Feature

Have you ever considered trying out a new Instagram (IG) username but you were in fear of losing your current handle, so you decided to just hold on to what you already had? This is a common concern for many IG users; however, Instagram may be about to let you branch out and try something new ‚Äď without the concerns related to losing your current username.

Instagram May Offer a 14-Day Grace Period to Reclaim Your Username

Instagram is in the process of testing a feature that would provide users with a 14-day grace period. During this initial 14 days following the name change, IG users will have the option of reclaiming their previous username; thus, giving users some time to mull over their name change.

Unclaimed Usernames Return to Instagram’s Name Pool

If an owner decides not to reclaim his or her previous username within those 14 days, the handle will be returned to the pool of names, making it available to those registering with Instagram as well as to current Instagram users who are interested in changing their usernames.

How We Learn About Features that Instagram is Still Testing

Jane Manchun Wong discovered that Instagram was testing this upcoming feature. She is a tech-blogger, developer and tipster who has garnered a following by using her reverse engineering tactics to discover features from some of the most popular apps: Wong frequently discovers features that are still being tested or that are yet-to-launch.

Some of the other features that Wong found Instagram is currently in the process of testing include:

  • Public Collections;
  • Video Co-Watching;
  • Video Scrubbing; and
  • Direct Messaging for the web.

Instagram is Becoming More of a Threat to Numerous Social Media Apps

Studies indicate that Instagram is already crushing SnapChat, but if all of these new features are implemented, Instagram will become a huge competitor of Pinterest and IGTV may become a bigger threat to YouTube.

Instagram’s Statement to Fortune

Instagram issued a statement to Fortune, in which the company admitted that this name-change grace period feature is still in its early stages. Furthermore, the company’s statement noted that they are always analyzing trends to build features that keep the Instagram community safe.

The company states that it observed account holders changing their names and their previous names being swept up rather quickly by someone else; thus, eliminating the previous owner’s ability to reclaim the name again should they decide to do so. With this new feature, account holders know that their previous usernames are protected for a specific period of time, allowing them to reclaim the name if their new name fell flat.

How Instagram‚Äôs Username Feature will Affect ‚ÄėUsername Grabber Bots‚Äô

This new feature will affect individuals who use the ‚Äėusername grabber bots‚Äô to track high-quality handles by monitoring their owners, watching for them to change their usernames.

  • The Grab¬†– Once the current owner drops the name, the grabber bot picks it up. Many times, these handles that are picked up by the grabber bots are left unused until the new owner finds a buyer for the username on a social media black market.

Instagram Hacking is Always a Concern

Unfortunately, even once this new feature is implemented, the ongoing issues related to hackers stealing Instagram accounts remain. The best way to prevent falling victim to a hacker is to turn on the two-factor authentication for your IG account.