Instagram Testing Public Collections Feature

Instagram Testing Public Collections Feature

Facebook’s Instagram app has already taken out SnapChat and it is about to launch an attack on Pinterest. Instagram introduced an option that allows private users to save and organize their favorite posts on the platform a couple of years ago. This ‘Collections’ option is about to change, with collections becoming publicly available, just like Pinterest. Furthermore, Instagram’s ‘Public Collections’ feature will allow approved users to contribute to another’s collection. Instagram has denied testing this feature; however, this is their typical response.

The Benefit of Public Collections

Making Collections available publicly benefits users because they can share their interests while offering credit to the original creator. Since credit is given to the original creator, this feature is going to be very beneficial for businesses. As followers share the products they love on their collections, your company’s brand will grow. These are the features already offered by Pinterest; however, Instagram surpasses Pinterest in users with more than 1 billion users every month.

Instagram vs SnapChat vs Pinterest

Six months after the SnapChat launch, Instagram introduced the same feature. SnapChat’s growth fell by nearly 90 percent and the app has yet to recover. Once Instagram’s Public Collections feature has been implemented, Pinterest may suffer a similar fate: Instagram has more than 500 million daily users, making its user base four times larger than Pinterest, which makes it a much more desirable app for everyday users and businesses.

How Instagram Stays Ahead

Keep in mind that just before SnapChat went public on March 2, 2017, Instagram launched ‘Stories’ as well as some other interactive features. The company admits that these features were inspired by SnapChat. This action directly affected SnapChat’s profit.

On February 21, 2019, Pinterest submitted paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission to file for an initial public offering (IPO). Instagram is working towards using its Public Collection feature to compete with Pinterest and the timing could not be better.

Tipster Jane Manchun Wong

Jane Manchun Wong, who is a developer, beta app tester, tech blogger and tipster, states that Instagram is testing a Public Collections feature; however, she states that it could take some time before the app is ready for public use. Wong finds features that are in testing or about to launch in widely-used apps by using a variety of reverse engineering tactics: This unique ability has provided her with a sizable following.

Assuming the reverse engineered code remains the same, once Instagram releases this feature, users simply go into their ‘Edit Collections’ menu and choose ‘Make Creations Public.’

Mark Zuckerberg has previously announced that Facebook plans to introduce an e-commerce platform: According to Zuckerberg, this platform will be associated with Instagram. This new Public Collections feature could play a huge role in this venture. In addition, there are reports that Instagram is working on creating its own shopping app.

It is clear that Facebook’s Instagram will continue to expand and, with its expansion, provide businesses numerous ways to share their brands with consumers across the web.