Search Engine Optimization: The SEO Process

Search Engine Optimization: The SEO Process

Keyword Research:

Identify the most beneficial target keywords for your business

Market Leader Research:

Analyze and extract relevant data from top ranking competitors

SEO Plan Outline:

Creating a timeline for achieving front page placement in your market

Begin Optimization Process:

Creating & optimizing content, link building, citation creation, etc. (All the fun stuff)


Traffic and ranking statistics provide our clients with full accountability during the SEO process

Achieving & Maintaining First Page Placement:

Our team will continue to revise your site in order to maintain your positioning.


SEO and Maintenance

SEO is like an alarm system for your home, it must be present to serve its purpose.

How does this apply to me?

Once you have achieved front page ranking for your main keywords, we continue to optimize your site for other relevant keywords increasing your exposure to the online audience.


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