See your Google+ Local Page with the New 5-Star System!

5 Star Ratings on Google Reviews


And Google switches it up… again. For reputable local businesses across the Google+ platform, there is some great news. Google has updated the layout of the Google+ Local business pages to include a more prominent and visible Google Reviews ratingĀ based on the 5-Star system as opposed the that quite clunky Zagat 30 point rating system.

So no more wondering why your business page has a score of “28” when all your reviews are rated at a “30”. Finally. šŸ™‚

How will this affect my business?

5-Star Review Rating System for Google+ Local Pages

5-Star Review Rating System for Google+ Local Pages

If you have great reviews, you’ll receive instant credibility in the eyes a new visitor to your business page via your overall Google rating. The thought of calling your business or visiting your website is made much easier to a potential customer when it is clearly presented to them that you do indeed provide great service. “Oh look, they have a 5-StarĀ rating, let give them a call”.

On theĀ flip side, if you’ve had some unhappy customers, they can be quite nasty while hiding behind a keyboard. Ā A 2-Star rating in red will definitely deter some of the potential customers finding you online. The good news is that Google+ Local is really in it’s infancy, so there is still plenty of time to get things back on the right track.



New look for Local results may be on its way

Google has also been testing new search results for local searches, which you can see anĀ exampleĀ of below.

To see what your business looks like with the new layout,Ā Click HereĀ and search for you business name.

New Google Local search layout - Charlotte Spa - May 2013

New Google Local search layout – Charlotte Spa – May 2013


Google+ Local evolving before our eyes

This simple change to the presentation of the review ratings is much more than just as an aesthetic modification, itā€™s a clear indicator of what Google has been striving towards in local search for the past 2 years+.

Google wants their front pages to deliver the best of the best, and everyone gets the idea of ratingĀ somethingĀ 1-5 stars, so it makes the most sense for Google, their users, and your business.


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