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Why would you spend time defending a brand when you can spend time promoting a brand?


Social Media Optimization (SMO)

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social media optimization (SMO), also known as Social SEO, is the process of improving the visibility and overall relevance of our clients’ online presence within the social media arena.

This includes: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube, Yelp, Flickr, Foursquare, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and other major social platforms.

Importance of your social media presence

Social Media optimization allows our clients to establish and virally expand their brand online. Social Media today is word of mouth on steroids… information, feedback, experiences are all shared using the platoforms in place. There is no need to even be face to face with a friend to tell them how good the service was at the restaurant you went today saturday, what great bedside manner your doctor has, or to even show off your new look with a before and after picture. Theres a reason why its called “Social” media, this is where the world takes to when they are looking to socialize. The population is talking, being proactive in social media will make you a topic of conversation.

Nearly everything in our lives has shifted online, word of mouth has evolved into social media

Benefits Of Social Media

How will SMO benefit me, my business, and my website?

Via social media optimization, we’re able to focus on promoting the topical and viral aspects of your business which lead to interaction and engagement throughout your social communities. Providing an open window into your business allows potential customers to familiarize themselves with your brand and view the quality of service experienced by others.

Engaging visitors through social networks leads to increased traffic to your website which presents a valuable opportunity for the social sharing of your business website.

By adding social media features to your website, visitors have an effortless way to promote it to their social circles (word-of-mouth) and stay connected with your business as well.

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These features include Social Share buttons, embedded activity feeds, RSS feeds, and embedded social widgets which provide you the ability to interact with and respond to comments from your social circles. This increases the rate of interaction with and online recognition of your business which in turn allows your word-of-mouth referral traffic to become viral throughout all online channels.

The 12 Major Benefits Of Social Media

The Harvard Business Review Analytics Services conducted a survey of 2,100 companies and discovered that over three quarters of the participating companies (79%) are currently using social media channels. One of the main questions within the survey was what they saw as the benefits of incorporating social media to their businesses online presence, and here are the results:

The 12 Major Benefits Of Social Media

1. Increased awareness of the organisation

2. Increased traffic to website

3. Greater favorable perceptions of the brand

4. Able to monitor conversations about the organisation

5. Able to develop targeted marketing activities

6. Better understanding of customers perceptions of their brand

7. Improved insights about their target markets

8. Identification of positive and negative comments

9. Increase in new business

10. Identification of new product or service opportunities

11. Ability to measure the frequency of the discussion about the brand

12. Early warning of potential product or service issues

Note: View the graphical results below or view the whole study here.


Let us help you increase the size your social circle, and then maintain a connection with your growing network.


The Goal of Social Media Optimization (SMO)

The goal of SMO is to engage onlookers through your social communities in order to convert potential customers into current ones. Social Media is word of mouth for the 21st century, the population is talking, being proactive in social media will make you a topic of conversation.

For more information about Facebook optimization, or any other social network, contact us.

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