@LeBatardShow @JohnAmaechi Every single time John AmaechiĀ is on your show I thoroughly enjoy his thoughts, perspective, and everything he stands for.Ā Unfortunately, we have recently come to realize that the majority of your listening audience doesn’t see the big deal with Riley Cooper’s comments and certainly don’t want to hear any race talk from your show.

Amaechi is to some extent polarizing and I can see why your listeners are growing a distaste for him much the same way there is a distaste for Bomani Jones.

I would love to hear Amaechi on as a regular at least once a week (if we can get him a proper studio to work out of). He is and has been by far my favorite guest that you have on. I stack him up against anyone. However, your current listeners may not find him as endearing after 3-4 weeks.





PS. if you are indeed going to go national with the radio show,Ā bring Amaechi with you!


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